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services of small business attorney, business contract lawyer, acquisition attorney

Whether you are starting a new business or have been in operation for many years, a trusted legal counselor can be the key to making solid strategic decisions that help you reach your goals. Day-to-day operations for most companies include leases, employment issues, taxes, insurance, equipment purchases, and more. Benefit of using an experienced business contract lawyer,tax advisor, business formation attorney or an aquisition attorney are undeniable.

Decisions in these areas and in your long-term strategic plan substantially affect the success of your business. As your advisor and business lawyer, Jerome O. Cohen delivers thoughtful, practical advice and ideas for small and medium sized companies by drawing on more than 30 years of hands-on business and legal experience.

Well-defined agreements with your customers, partners, and suppliers will clearly outline expectations and obligations, minimizing future disputes. Jerome O. Cohen has an extensive history as a business contract lawyer, business business formation attorney and acquisition attorney. He will work with you to put solid enforceable contracts in place that provide you with what you need from the beginning.

If it's time to expand, sell, or merge your company or small business, you need an attorney who understands the issues, can help you comply with regulations, knows how to protect your investment, and can get you what you need. With Jerome O. Cohen as your counselor, your interests will be represented and potential roadblocks identified before they arise.

"I believe that good negotiations start with identifying what my client’s wants
and needs are in relation to what the other side’s wants or needs are, and then working through the strategy and details that can bring both sides together."
Jerome O. Cohen

services of small business attorney, business contract lawyer, acquisition attorney

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