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Providing dispute resolution services, services of a certified arbitrator and certified mediator to: small & medium-size businesses and individuals in Seattle, Bellevue, King County, and throughout the Puget Sound region.

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Mediation and arbitration are alternative forms of dispute resolution. Under mediation, an impartial third person seeks to help both parties work toward a practical and lasting resolution. In arbitration, an impartial person or panel hears all sides of the issues, studies evidence, and then decides how a dispute should be resolved. In most cases it is less expensive and faster to resolve a dispute through mediation or arbitration than to go to court.

Attorneys, CPAs and other business advisors seek out Jerome O. Cohen when selecting a certified arbitrator or certified mediator in private cases involving their clients.

Mr. Cohen is a certified arbitrator with the Finance Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) resolving monetary and business disputes for the securities industry. He is also a court appointed arbitrator for King County Superior Court, providing prompt, equitable resolutions of disputes subject to or voluntarily brought to arbitration.

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"Alternative dispute resolution is usually a less costly way to resolve conflict
than going to court. It often results in better communications and understanding between the parties, which in turn leads to workable and mutually agreeable solutions, and many times, a continuation of the business relationship."
- Jerome O. Cohen


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