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Estate and succession planning, trusts and a Last Will and Testament are not just for people with children or large estates. They are important tools that everyone needs. In general, if you die without a legal Will, under Washington State law the courts and statutes determine how your assets are to be distributed. This can result in a long and costly process while the legal system determines how claims made against your estate are dealt with, how debts are paid, and how your property is divided.

On a more complex level, if you own a small business, succession planning may be of critical importance to passing on your family business and the wealth created by it to your loved ones or future generations of your family.

By working with Jerome O. Cohen, you can ensure that your wishes for the distribution of your estate reflect your desires for the future. A properly drawn Will or Trust minimizes estate administration costs and passes the maximum distribution to your heirs. A properly drawn estate plan can also make sure your business interests and the succession of those interests are safeguarded, designate a guardian for children, and set up trusts to provide income to family members or your philanthropic interests.

If you become incapacitated, or if an emergency arises while you are out of the country or otherwise out of touch, advance planning can provide legal safeguards which will give you peace of mind. Legal documents such as Family Limited Liability Companies, revocable or irrevocable Trusts, durable Powers of Attorney, and Living Wills clearly lay out your plans and wishes, protecting you, your assets, and the financial security of your loved ones.

In developing these long-term tools, it's important to work with a professional with experience. As a lawyer in practice for 38 years, Mr. Cohen will discuss issues you may not have considered and draft legally binding documents that will accomplish your goals.

"Having an estate plan or Will preserves your wealth for your heirs while distributing your assets or your business and investment interests in the manner you have determined is best. Many people find it provides a 'sleep at night factor' because your family and your investments are protected." — Jerome O. Cohen


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