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For many, a real estate acquisition or sale is the largest financial investment they will ever experience. Whether you are investing in a commercial property, purchasing your dream home, working with architects or engineers, drawing up construction contracts, or negotiating commercial lease, an experienced real estate transaction attorney will help you keep your big picture goals in mind while paying attention to the details.

Real estate transactions are complex. When buying, selling, leasing, or financing property, clearly identified objectives, and properly prepared and documented agreements will protect your legal interests, financial interests, and investment. Jerome O. Cohen brings 36 years of hands-on real estate experience to help you draft, review, negotiate and execute documents for all of your real estate transactions.

With extensive experience in construction, real estate development and property management, Mr. Cohen has an entrepreneurial understanding of all aspects of commercial and residential real estate law. Beyond the legal issues, his knowledge of the business implications of each transaction provides you with representation and advice that will accomplish your goals.

Make your commercial or residential real estate venture achieve your goals in the most expeditious fashion with reputable experience and effective legal representation from the Seattle Law Offices of Jerome O. Cohen.

"In every property transaction, my goal is to maximize opportunities and
facilitate a smooth, understandable process for the benefit of my client."
Jerome O. Cohen


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